Northwest Garden Nursery: Wholesale Hellebores, Eugene, OR

The Woodland Garden

About Our Garden

Our 1.5-acre country garden began in the late 1970s and is finally showing signs of abundant maturity. Most of the garden dates from the mid-1980s, when we put in a pond and drilled a well.

We have sandy soil and live in a water-scarce area of Lane County. The garden is a densely planted collector's garden within a design framework. Paths lead the visitor into a woodland garden filled with a collection of trees and shrubs under which a host of rare, shade-loving perennials mingle.

Franny, the social cat, and two equally black greyhounds will give you a tour through the rock garden and large mixed perennial borders, including several new mosaics by Jeffrey Bale. Continuing the tour to the Mediterranean gravel garden you will find many heat-adapted plants living with poor soil, little water, and lots of gravel mulch.

Many benches through the gardens and a little koi pool invite you to rest and linger.