Northwest Garden Nursery: Wholesale Hellebores, Eugene, OR

Winter Jewels® at
Northwest Garden Nursery

Our current seed crop for 2013 is sold out.

Most varieties are still available for international seed orders for 2014. Minimum quantities are 250 per color and 1000 seeds per order. Contact us for pricing.

For domestic sales, within the US and Canada, we also have most varieties available as seedling liners (see the Wholesale Hellebores page for information), for Spring 2014 delivery.

Find a retail outlet here.

Join us for the 2014 Hellebore Open Garden and Sales the weekends of February 22-23 and March 8-9 (Saturday & Sunday), 10am – 4pm.

Flowering between January and May, depending on your climate, hellebores are prized for their sturdy, undemanding temperament and the striking colors and beauty of their flowers.

Since 1992, we at Northwest Garden Nursery have been raising hellebores and hybridizing plants from the best growers in England, Germany, and the USA. We have been selecting plants that we consider superior in foliage and flower. We hand-pollinate all our stock plants, which are kept isolated from other pollinators, and we have made dramatic improvements in color and form each year. We ruthlessly discard any inferior stock plant. Our aim is to produce consistent improvement in clarity of flower color, vigor, and foliage.

We are pleased to announce that we are enlarging our hybrid hellebore operation, focusing exclusively on our Winter Jewels® hellebore breeding program to meet the growing demand for outstanding quality in color and form of this exceptional perennial.

— Ernie & Marietta O'Byrne, Proprietors